Dna polymerase

En DNA-polymerase er et enzym, der gennemfører replikation af DNA. Polymerasen katalyserer polymeriseringen af frie deoxynukleotider til en DNA-kæde. This feature enables accurate and reliable PCR.

Three different DNA target varying in length PAH . It carries the weighty responsibility of duplicating our genetic information. Taq DNA Polymerase with Standard Taq Buffer. Did you know this product can be customized or purchased in larger volumes?

DNA polymerase plays the central role in the processes of life. Submit an inquiry to find out . The inhibitor binds reversibly to the enzyme, inhibiting . Featuring an error rate 50-fold lower than that of Taq, . Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerase. Provides superior yield for routine PCR amplification and successful amplification of difficult GC rich targets.

Excellent for incorporation of deriviatized . SeqAmp DNA Polymerase is sold as part of the SMARTer Stranded RNA-Seq Kit. These enzymes have optimal DNA synthetic activity at .

Bestaq DNA Polymerase provides outstanding PCR yeil high fidelity, and high speed. A versatile enzyme ideal for sequencing, cloning, genotyping, and . Without these players, life would cease to exist. Continue using the Roche-manufactured enzyme by . Choice of reaction buffers, with or without MgCl2. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and . DNA carries the biological information that instructs cells how to exist in an ordered fashion. Accurate replication is thus one of the most important events in the . INTRODUCTION The goal of enzymology is to understand how an enzyme achieves its specificity and efficiency in . TDNA Polymerase catalyzes the replication of Tphage DNA during infection.

Projekt: Moderne genteknologi. Artikel: PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). The expression of Escherichia coli umuD gene products is upregulated as part of the SOS response to DNA damage. UmuD is initially produced as a . Gå til Danske Engelsk Engelsk Danske . DA DE Oversættelser for polymerase .